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Printing in 5.0

As it seems unlikely to me that prior to branching 5.0 somebody
will step up with a modern reimplementation of lpd, as, e.g.,
mentioned on NetBSD's project page, and the discussion suddenly died, 
I'd like to suggest anew to apply the patch I supplied in

to -current (and possibly the stable branches).

I acknowledge there are downsides to this, such that it won't be
possible to use foomatic in conjunction with accounting, but this
may be less of a problem, as the main reason for using foomatic
will probably be the gained ability of printing on non-postscript
printers, while accounting is probably used in environments with
postscript printers mostly anyway. Concerning compatibility issues,
recall that OpenBSD has been using this for four years already.

BTW, I'll happily come up with updates to the NetBSD guide if this
is accepted.


Dennis den Brok

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