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Re: SoC: Improve syslogd

Sorry, this message bounced and I didn't notice it until now...

Hi Martin,

it's nice to see you get momentum :)

I'd like to hear your thought on the unfinished state of syslog-
transport-tls: how do you intend to deal with it? With my rsyslog
project, I finally needed to complete TLS support and will release a
first version next monday. However, as -transport-tls is not finished
and likely to change, I can see that there are some changes required
to get it (back) inline with what the draft specifies once it becomes
a RFC.

I think it is quite fortunate that you are now also working on -
transport-tls. I would be most interested in interop testing. Also, we
may end up with two compatible implementations, which could be useful
to drive some IETF decisions into practical direction (there have been
quite theoretical discussions, IMHO totally de-rooted from practical

I would really appreciate your feedback.


On 5/2/08, Martin Schütte <> wrote:
> Martin Schütte schrieb:
> > I want to implement the upcoming IETF standards for Syslog
> > ( In order of priority:
> > syslog-transport-tls, syslog-protocol, and syslog-sign.
> Hello,
> I am happy to announce that my project was chosen for this summer.
> So everyone interested is invited to take a look at the project pages
> now and then. Naturally any feedback is welcome.
> The official project's homepage is at
> and for developing I maintain a Trac at
> --
> Martin

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