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Re: RFC: Going the LDAP/Kerberos way with NetBSD.

> -  {s}pwd.db.  Should not be needed at all anymore.  Actually, I
>    think that using just the files when <50 entries in the passwd
>    file would be faster than doing a db lookup.

Maybe, but it probably depends too many things for a simple test to be

>    The point here is that if there are more than 50 users on the
>    system you probably want a directory server on your machine.

Maybe.  But it is not for NetBSD to make that choice for me.  I have no
trouble imagining a system with a lot of users but which really really
does not want to run a process to "optimize" username lookups.

This is not to say that NetBSD shouldn't drop support for the database
files (I'm not sure what my position on that is).

Just that this sort of "we know better than you how you want to run
your system" strikes me as an excellent way to drive off users (this is
not the first time I've seen such attitudes in evidence).

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