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Re: RFC: Going the LDAP/Kerberos way with NetBSD.

> OpenLDAP has ten years of development since forking from an already
> industry-standard UMich ldap server.  (I couldn't figure out how old
> UMich 3.x was before it was forked into all the major ldap servers of
> today)  No disrespect intended, but I seriously doubt any "small
> server" is going to be more secure, give any performance, or do
> anything that would make it "vastly preferable for many purposes".

Having been at umich before their LDAP code escaped, I think I can
reliably say that their "industry-standard" ldap server was a piece
of doodoo back then. We had no end of problems with crashiness,
replication issues, speed, etc.

I'd hope that the code has improved since then, but it wouldn't
surprise me one bit if there are fundamental architectural issues
remaining; after all, when gordon good and the other guy who
originally wrote the code left umich to go to  mcom/netscape, they
rototilled that source but good.

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