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Re: [GSoC 2008] fs-utils: File system access utilities

On Tue Apr 22 2008 at 17:52:40 +0200, Arnaud Ysmal wrote:
> Hello,
> My name is Arnaud Ysmal. I am a student in the first year of a
> Master's degree in Computer Science at the University of Lille 1,
> France. I was selected to take part in the Google Summer of Code and I
> am going to work for the NetBSD project.
> I chose to work on a project called "fs-utils: File system access utilities".
> Here is an excerpt of the project abstract (which is available at
> :
> "The aim of this project is to write a set of utilities to access and
> modify a file system image without having to mount it. It would rely
> on the ukfs library, so as to use the file systems source code from
> the kernel instead of duplicating it. By doing so, it could benefit
> from the widely tested sources from the kernel."

Not to forget that the kernel sources can also benefit from the testing
and slightly different usage patterns provided by this project.

> I will do my best to successfully complete this summer of code.

good luck ;)

  - antti

Antti Kantee <>                     Of course he runs 
    "la qualité la plus indispensable du cuisinier est l'exactitude"

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