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[GSoC 2008] fs-utils: File system access utilities


My name is Arnaud Ysmal. I am a student in the first year of a
Master's degree in Computer Science at the University of Lille 1,
France. I was selected to take part in the Google Summer of Code and I
am going to work for the NetBSD project.

I chose to work on a project called "fs-utils: File system access utilities".
Here is an excerpt of the project abstract (which is available at
"The aim of this project is to write a set of utilities to access and
modify a file system image without having to mount it. It would rely
on the ukfs library, so as to use the file systems source code from
the kernel instead of duplicating it. By doing so, it could benefit
from the widely tested sources from the kernel."

I will do my best to successfully complete this summer of code.


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