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Re: obsoleting shlibs - what's the plan

>> Seems to me that each of these is a bug that should be fixed (one,
>> that the dynamic linker is willing to load the same library in
>> multiple major versions; two, [...]).
> ELF doesn't know about major versions; it only knows about sonames,
> which are strings.  It is only by convention that these strings end
> in what we are pleased to call a major version number.

Has anyone, anywhere, seen an ELF library whose name ends with digits
but for which those digits do not have the semantics of a major version
number?  (I'm thinking that perhaps our dynamic linker should know
about major version numbers even if the ELF spec proper does not.)

> It's also not clear that loading two instances of the "same" library
> is necessary wrong in all cases.

Okay, but I think it should take specific non-default configuration to
achieve this.  Renaming one or both libraries, maybe, or setting

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