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Re: obsoleting shlibs - what's the plan

>>> [...various possible shlib projblems...]
>> Seems to me that any of these, if true, are critical bugs in our
>> shlib implementation - isn't that kind of disambiguation exactly
>> what major version numbers exist for?
> In practice, you can in some circumstances end up with multiple major
> versions of the same lib loaded at once, and with standard ELF that
> pretty much inevitably results in nasal demons.

That ("nasal demons") has got to be one of the most enduring, and
amusing, legacies Chris Torek has given the world.  (His stdio is
probably more _useful_, but not nearly as amusing. :)

> [...]
> Running the app will now load both kerberos libraries.  [...]
> [...], because the ELF dynamic linker binds only by symbol name, and
> it doesn't notice duplicates.

Seems to me that each of these is a bug that should be fixed (one, that
the dynamic linker is willing to load the same library in multiple
major versions; two, that multiply-defined symbols are silently
resolved randomly to one or the other definition).

Neither one would make things _work_, but at least they'd make things
fail at dynamic-link time, rather than just breaking in weird and
wonderful ways at run time.

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