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Re: SoC: Improve syslogd

On Wed, 26 Mar 2008, Martin Schütte wrote:
- transport-tls defines the network protocol to send syslog over TLS (instead of UDP), thus providing a reliable and authenticated transport. In addition to reliable network transport I also consider a modified local log submission (from syslog(3) to syslogd) to use a stream instead of a datagram socket, thus providing reliable submission and possible rate limits.

"a stream"? System V STREAMs are not available in NetBSD AFAIK, or what exactly do you mean?

- syslog-sign defines signature messages for authentication, integrity and correct sequencing of syslog messages. (For this part I am going to build upon the afaik only existing implementation by Albert Mietus.)

What license is that existing implementation under?

I cannot comment on the subject at hand itself. Seems there's a pretty high "research / conquer new grounds" factor in it.

 - Hubert

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