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sys/time.h exposing bintime

sys/time.h now exposes bintime for _NETBSD_SOURCE case (which is
pretty mach the default, as it gets defined unless other *_SOURCE
macro is not defined).

This was done in:

  revision 1.58
  date: 2007/12/22 01:19:41;  author: yamt;  state: Exp;  lines: +1 -3
  expose bintime for libpthread.

(the comment has a typo, the real reason is "for libkvm").

That change undoes my hiding bintime under ifdef _KERNEL in

  revision 1.56
  date: 2006/06/18 21:09:24;  author: uwe;  state: Exp;  lines: +3 -3
  branches:  1.56.10;
  Hide struct bintime and pertinent inline functions under #ifdenf _KERNEL.
  This code is not intended to be visible by the userland anyway, and it
  also triggers a bug in SPARC's gcc 3.3.* that causes bootxx to explode
  beyond its size limit (gcc emits unused reference to __muldi3).

I guess gcc 3.3.* is no longer a concern, but another reason to hide
this code is because the header is used to build libsa for hpcboot.exe
- WinCE bootloader for hpc* ports - and ancient eVC compilers that we
have to use to compile hpcboot :( don't grok LL suffix on constants
that bintime inline functions use.

I would like to get bintime hidden again, but what would be a proper
guard?  I'm using !defined(_STANDALONE) for now.  Any better ideas?

SY, Uwe
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