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Re: userinfo -v and usermgmt.conf and EXTENSIONS

On Wed, Feb 27, 2008 at 10:43:07AM -0600, Jeremy C. Reed wrote:
> I don't see any use of verbose for userinfo. Okay if removed from manpage 
> and as an option?

> Also the manpage points to /etc/usermgmt.conf and usermgmt.conf(5). I 
> don't see how that is related to userinfo. Can you please document in man 
> page or remove references (or tell me what and I will do it)?

It's related only tangentially - remove the references to it.
> And about "EXTENSIONS" ... user(8) manpage doesn't really tell what 
> EXTENSIONS is for. Does this mean extensions beyond what similar tools 
> provide? Or beyond some POSIX specification? (On Red Hat, userinfo is a 
> GTK-based X chfn-type tool.) When would someone choose to build 
> usr.sbin/user without EXTENSIONS?

The whole of the {user,group}{add,mod,del} suite was coded from
Solaris 2.6 manual pages.  Any extra options above and beyond this are
covered by the EXTENSIONS definition.
> p.s. I am working on a chapter about user management and I am documenting 
> these tools with examples.

Excellent - if I can help out with anything, please let me know.


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