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userinfo -v and usermgmt.conf and EXTENSIONS

I don't see any use of verbose for userinfo. Okay if removed from manpage 
and as an option?

Also the manpage points to /etc/usermgmt.conf and usermgmt.conf(5). I 
don't see how that is related to userinfo. Can you please document in man 
page or remove references (or tell me what and I will do it)?

And about "EXTENSIONS" ... user(8) manpage doesn't really tell what 
EXTENSIONS is for. Does this mean extensions beyond what similar tools 
provide? Or beyond some POSIX specification? (On Red Hat, userinfo is a 
GTK-based X chfn-type tool.) When would someone choose to build 
usr.sbin/user without EXTENSIONS?

  Jeremy C. Reed

p.s. I am working on a chapter about user management and I am documenting 
these tools with examples.

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