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Re: larn, and other games

On Sun, Feb 03, 2008 at 08:55:36AM -0700, Tim Rightnour wrote:
 > > I am also planning to commit the larn 12.2 and 12.3 merge bits
 > > piecemeal, that is, one more-or-less-self-contained thing at a time;
 > Is it worth tagging the source as you go, ie, tag 12.0 now, 12.2
 > later, then 12.3?  Not so much for ease of future patches (ha!) but
 > more just historical reasons, so someone who is interested in larn
 > archeology can pull 12.0 easily?  AFAIK, we have the only surviving
 > copy of 12.0 on the net.  (Don't worry about a 12.2 tag if it makes
 > your work harder) I'm assuming here that the tag can be applied to
 > just the larn directory.

Well, what we have is not larn 12.0; it's a fairly hacked (by us)
derivative of a fairly hacked (by csrg) derivative of larn 12.0. I'm
not sure it's really worthwhile; on the other hand, tags on small
subsections of the tree aren't expensive.

If you think anyone might care we could also save somewhere the
Mercurial repositories I'm using for merging, although I'm not sure
they'd be of much interest even to a dedicated archaeologist.

One could also conceivably prepare a single repository with the full
branching history, but doing that right would require inferring a
shared common ancestor and would be a lot of work. Also, it should be
done using a tool that can track when single changesets from one
branch are pulled into another, which Mercurial can't. If you know of
anyone who's interested enough in larn archaeology to go to this much
trouble, have them contact me.

 > > I meant only the new UI/command stuff, and I think I will in fact make
 > > it default to off.
 > Since there is a .larnops file, is this something that can easily be set in
 > there, 

It should be. Dunno if that's true in 12.2/12.3; that code's been
rototilled in 12.2 and so I haven't looked at it closely yet.

 > and will there be a commandline switch to flip them back on?


David A. Holland

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