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Re: [2/2 ABI and toolchain part] Support Raspberry Pi [0-3] in big-endian mode

On 2020/11/24 19:17, Robert Swindells wrote:

Rin Okuyama <> wrote:
- Compatible to ARMv5 and prior. We can build pkgsrc for earmv5{,hf}eb,
   for example (*). This is impossible on ARMv7 and later.

(*) At the moment, userland for ARMv5 and prior does not work on ARMv6
     and later. This is due to lack of swp{,b} instructions. However,
     emulation for these instructions has already been added to aarch64
     by ryo@. Porting that code to arm should be straightforward.

I thought that we had enabled SWP instructions on ARMv6 and ARMv7, it
should not need the emulation code from aarch64.

CPU_CONTROL_SWP_ENABLE bit is missing for ARMv6. See cp15 c1 register
bit definition on p.3-46 of ARM1176JZF-S Technical Reference Manual:

| [10] F bit - Should Be Zero

Also, it does not work for MULTIPROCESSOR in principle:

So, swp{,b} is usable only for some uniprocessor ARMv7 CPUs. For
other CPUs, we still need emulation.


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