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Re: Reproducible builds with local changes

In article <>,
Aymeric Vincent  <> wrote:
>when using cvs, after modifying files and "cvs up"dating, cvslatest
>chokes on the "Result of merge"s which stand in place of timestamps in
>CVS/Entries for locally modified files.
>The following patch ignores such entries. It could be improved by
>setting a boolean and changing the latest revision string to point out
>that there are local changes, but local changes without a cvs update are
>not caught anyway so it's weird to distinguish the two cases... I think
>the latest date cannot pretend to be a seal of conformity and is rather
>a precious indication in a given context.

I would advocate "fix your tree" instead. Even if you want to keep the
local changes, you can:

mv foo
cvs update
mv foo


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