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Reproducible builds with local changes


when using cvs, after modifying files and "cvs up"dating, cvslatest
chokes on the "Result of merge"s which stand in place of timestamps in
CVS/Entries for locally modified files.

The following patch ignores such entries. It could be improved by
setting a boolean and changing the latest revision string to point out
that there are local changes, but local changes without a cvs update are
not caught anyway so it's weird to distinguish the two cases... I think
the latest date cannot pretend to be a seal of conformity and is rather
a precious indication in a given context.


diff --git a/usr.bin/cvslatest/cvslatest.c b/usr.bin/cvslatest/cvslatest.c
index 317fe85048c9..f6d78c2d6849 100644
--- a/usr.bin/cvslatest/cvslatest.c
+++ b/usr.bin/cvslatest/cvslatest.c
@@ -115,6 +115,8 @@ getlatest(const FTSENT *e, const char *repo, struct latest *lat)
 			goto mal;
 		if ((dt = strtok(NULL, "/")) == NULL)
 			goto mal;
+		if (strcmp(dt, "Result of merge") == 0)
+			continue;
 		if ((p = strptime(dt, fmt, &tm)) == NULL || *p) {
 			warnx("Malformed time `%s' in `%s'", dt, ename);
 			if (!ignore)

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