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Re: make: remove wantToken and skip polling tokenWaitJob

On May 11,  2:02pm, (Simon J Gerraty) wrote:
-- Subject: make: remove wantToken and skip polling tokenWaitJob

| It has been reported from a number of folk that polling tokenWaitJob
| adds considerable overhead for very little gain.
| I've been testing with this disabled for a while, with no apparent
| breakage, and even small jobs show a significant reduction of sys time -
| like 50%
| The patch I've been using allows enable/disable of polling
| (disable by forcing wantToken=0)
| but results to date, would support simply ripping it out.
| I checked back through the history of wantToken
| and it has been there from the initial commit that added the token pipe,
| rather than introduced later to address any issue.
| If anyone is interested in doing their own testing
| the patch is on morden in
| ~sjg/tmp/d-make-poll-jobq-bool

I would just set wantToken = 0 and see what breaks...


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