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Re: Aprilis LLDB/NetBSD

On Apr 5,  1:10am, (Kamil Rytarowski) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: Aprilis LLDB/NetBSD

| Currently there is nothing planned on the base system side. All the
| enhancements are to be done on the LLDB side.
| Our core-dump files contain notes like: "NetBSD-CORE@1". This "1" is LWP
| and it must be properly handled in LLDB to define a thread. Currently
| LLDB just recognizes NetBSD-CORE files and "NetBSD-CORE" notes. It needs
| now to instantiate appropriate threads.
| On the other hand I've studied inspiring articles like:
| "FreeBSD Userspace Coredumps"
| Presenting a list of improvements for the NetBSD system is currently
| premature for me as I need to study up more on the topic. It appears
| also beyond the tasks related to LLDB.
| In other words we seem to be good enough to get all the needed things done.=

Ok, so nothing so far to do.

| > Sounds good, do you have the PT_{G,S}ETSTEP functional description somewh=
| ere?
| >=20
| PT_SETSTEP This request will turn on single stepping of the specified
| process.
| PT_CLEARSTEP This request will turn off single stepping of the specified
| process.
| In NetBSD case:
|  ptrace(PT_SETSTEP, pid, NULL, lwp);
|  ptrace(PT_CLEARSTEP, pid, NULL, lwp);
| I'm going to cleanup it and send for review.

Yes, but as PT_STEP is things going to be an MD thing? How will it be


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