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sh: utilities implemented as a built-in

Either I'm mis-understanding SUS or ash (and others) are not POSIX-compliant.

According to SUS/POSIX speak, in ash, [ is a utility implemented as a built-in
(and not a built-in utility).
As I understand ``Command Search and Execution'', Section 1.e.i.a, as such
	PATH=/nonexistent [ 1 -eq 1 ]
should fail with exit code 127 as per 1.e.ii.

I aggree that the rules in that section are absurd (propably just written down
what the original Bourne Shell happened to do), so this may be on purpose.
Is it?

Btw. is there any variant of type/command or such that distinguishes between
(regular) built-in utilities and utilities implemented as a built-in so I can
save looking up the table in 1.d?

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