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LLDB/NetBSD extended set of tasks


The contract for the LLDB port on NetBSD has been prolonged by The
NetBSD Foundation. The additional time will cover the features that were
delayed in order to address blockers that were unveiled during the work
that has been done.

I've summarized the newly finished task segment in this blog entry:

My current plan is to return to LLDB and finish the following tasks:
  I. Register context and breakpoints support on NetBSD/amd64.
 II. NetBSD Threads support
III. NetBSD/i386 (32-bit x86) support.

To finalize the first goal I use LLVM/Clang/LLDB SVN rev. 296360 as the
base for my local patches. I work in pkgsrc-wip/lldb-netbsd and I
develop there local patches.

The current Test Suite status reports 267/1235 tests passed
successfully. This number of passing tests is expected to start growing
once the goals will be achieved and LLDB will be rendered into a
functional debugger on NetBSD.

Test Result Summary
Test Methods:       1235
Reruns:                1
Success:             267
Expected Failure:     21
Failure:             332
Error:               167
Exceptional Exit:      0
Unexpected Success:    1
Skip:                444
Timeout:               3
Expected Timeout:      0

<This work is sponsored by The NetBSD Foundation.>

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