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hack for ifconfig on m68000 (was: Floppy image overflow)

On 2017/02/09 0:42, Izumi Tsutsui wrote:
Note that the original Makefile in src/sbin/{fsck_ffs,newfs} has been
split into Makefile and Makefile.common, not as in the
case of x_ifconfig. This is because conflicts with I will also rename it for x_ifconfig, and do some clean
up after committing the main patch.

Also fine for me.

Note there was some confusion "what's":

For this, could I remove a hack for ifconfig on m68000?


     1  #       $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.56 2015/05/19 08:14:38 ozaki-r Exp $
    35  .if ${MACHINE_ARCH} == "m68000"
    36  # XXX workaround for gcc -O1 bug (PR bin/40036 and toolchain/40066)
    37  COPTS.ifconfig.c+= -fno-loop-optimize
    38  .endif

You wrote in toolchain/40066 ( as

With some quick tests, plain gcc-4.1.2 has the same problem
but gcc-4.2.0 doesn't.

Moreover, -fno-loop-optimize is ignored by recent versions of GCC:


 15618  2010-09-02  Joseph Myers  <>
 15632          Handle ignored options.
 15633          * common.opt (Wunreachable-code, fargument-alias,
 15634          fargument-noalias, fargument-noalias-global,
 15635          fargument-noalias-anything, fcse-skip-blocks, fforce-addr,
 15636          floop-optimize, frerun-loop-opt, fsched2-use-traces, fsee,
 15637          fstrength-reduce, ftree-store-ccp, ftree-store-copy-prop,
 15638          ftree-salias): Mark Ignore.

So, can I think that the problem has already gone?


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