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re: 6.1_STABLE build problem

Edgar Fu? writes:
> EF> I'm now running with /usr/obj being a symlink to my actual objdir
> EF> That worked.
> Oops, it turned out that some of the obj links were still pointing to /usr/obj 
> instead of the real obj dir. How can that happen? What do I need to fix it?

i've been using r/o null mounts of my src trees for almost
a couple of decades and occasionally have to fix issues but
generally this always works fine.

it doesn't create obj links in the src tree, and relies on
"make obj" working sanely and creating objdirs in the place
usually set -M/-O.

it's somewhat annoying having no obj link for easy access
but the previous setup had so many regular failures for a
bunch of reasons that i am very happy to give some extra
effort elsewhere.


ps: i recommend "cvs up -dPA -I\! -ICVS" and seeing what
in your source tree is not clean.

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