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Re: Cross Building Native GCC

Hi Martin,

updating GCC, Binutils and NetBSD to a current version all the time
would be enough to keep me busy while working on this project :)
As the project started NetBSD 6.1 was currently stable and therefore I
decided to use this version - updating to never versions is currently
not an option - sorry. I am just one guy working on this :P

The Eco32 isn't in any upstream sources of the GCC (I haven't gotten
around to upgrading the GCC Version from 4.5.3 [which is required by
NetBSD] - there is a fork of my work on GitHub but even this is an
outdated version (As said above there isn't enough manpower to keep
stuff up to date) )

I followed the README.mknative after building tools and kernel.
I have some small self-written userland progs which can be loaded by the
kernel to test the syscalls and stuff but nothing fancy.

The only sources for Eco32-Gcc are available from my website since we
have our own git-server set up. (EGG is the Eco32 Standalone
C-Compiler for the Eco32)

There is currently no download for the NetBSD Patch-Tree I am working
on. Maybe I can grand access to that if needed.
With best regards,
Jens Mehler

Am 16.02.2015 um 13:24 schrieb Martin Husemann:
> On Mon, Feb 16, 2015 at 12:30:54PM +0100, Jens Mehler wrote:
>> To my understanding the idea of the mknative is to supply several
>> glue-files for the userland build. I would appreciate any help with this.
> You should definitively not be doing this on the netbsd-6 branch, but
> on -current instead. And then you need to be able to at least compile
> static userland binaries (which means some libc work). After that, you
> follow the instructions in tools/gcc/README.mknative. This will result
> in some generated header files and makefile fragments, which should fix
> your problem.
> Is Eco32 support in any upstream gcc version yet?
> Martin

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