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Cross Building Native GCC

Hey folks!

I am currently working on a port of NetBSD 6.1.5 to the Eco32 (a 32bit
Having ported the GCC and Binutils and the NetBSD-Kernel (working nearly
flawlessly) I restarted my work on trying to build the NetBSD-Userland.

The command I use:
./ -T ./obj/tooldir -U -m eco32 distribution
fails with
includes ===> external/gpl3/gcc/lib/libgomp
+ cd /home/jens/eco32/tests/netbsd-new/usr/src/external/gpl3/gcc/lib/libgomp
+ /home/jens/eco32/tests/netbsd-new/usr/src/./obj/tooldir/bin/nbmake
_THISDIR_=external/gpl3/gcc/lib/libgomp/ includes
nbmake: don't know how to make omp.h. Stop

This seems to be part of the mknative-gcc build (which dies with the
same error).

I am currently interested in how to archive a build of libgomp (I
misread that I accidentally ported libgmp from the NetBSD source tree
I know it's part of the GCC and it should be build but it looks like
it's not. (Otherwise the omp.h rule should work)

To my understanding the idea of the mknative is to supply several
glue-files for the userland build. I would appreciate any help with this.

With best regards,
Jens Mehler

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