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Re: Replace the compiler for sun2 in NetBSD 7?

Iain Hibbert skrev 2014-01-31 18:55:
On Fri, 31 Jan 2014, Martin Husemann wrote:

Maybe we could go fancy and make sun2 compiled by cross-gcc 4.8, but build a
native gcc 4.1.

The same could be done with pcc, I guess.
currently pcc does not have any m68k support, as far as I can see** though
certainly, if an enthusiast were to become involved it would be a good bet
to get that working, as pcc is very much leaner than gcc.

note that I did not yet get pcc building a complete i386 netbsd release
(and alas this last year my efforts here have lapsed as I have been too
busy, and I think ragge also is too busy to work on pcc lately)

Yep, unfortunately I have had to deal with other things for a while :-/

It it not much work to fix the remaining stuff though, and it is quite light-weight to use on older platforms.

-- Ragge

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