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Replace the compiler for sun2 in NetBSD 7?

As some may have noticed, there is an ongoing effort to update our
in-tree gcc to 4.8.x.

While we could make the sun2 port buildable and work with gcc 4.8, it is
practically impossible to build a native gcc 4.8 for it - it simply is too

Note that the sun2 port is the only one left without shared libraries, so
serves as a great build test for missing dependencies and similar stuff.

The most simple way to move forward would be: do not ship a compiler on
sun2 (that is: decouple HAVE_GCC=48 from MKGCC=YES). But some might say this
would be unexpected and we'd have to provide an alternative.

Another easy change would be to make sun2 use gcc 4.1 (which we still have
in tree, and which serves as the last non-gpl3 gcc able to compile all our
arches). On the other hand, some folks would like to get rid of gcc 4.1 in
our tree.

Maybe we could go fancy and make sun2 compiled by cross-gcc 4.8, but build a
native gcc 4.1.

The same could be done with pcc, I guess.

Any other options? Opinions?


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