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Re: Those i386 libraries on amd64

On Sep 18, 2013, at 8:16 PM, Lloyd Parkes 
<> wrote:

> So I found all those i386 libraries in /usr/lib/i386 on my amd64 system and I 
> found them really handy because I had just converted it from an i386 system 
> and I hadn't  prepared some of my apps as well as I should have. 
> Where do those libraries come from? I've had a look, but it's buried deeper 
> than I have the energy to dig at the moment, and it would be nice if someone 
> could just tell me the answer. 
> There is a bug in the Citrus I18N library such that when this special i386 
> build is done, it doesn't know that it should use the new library path when 
> trying to dlopen() modules that it wants and it tries loading a 64 bit 
> library into a 32 bit program. This is a bug that all module loading software 
> has when built this way, at least NetBSD does actually seem to supply all the 
> right libraries.
> Once I know how these libraries get built, I hope to be able to propose a 
> possible solution and then PR it.

You need to use -m32 when building and the toolchain will do the magic needed.
Look src/compat/amd64

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