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Re: (b)make, MAKEFLAGS, (.)MAKE(.)LEVEL and friends

On Thu, Aug 15, 2013 at 06:23:00PM +0200, Andrew Shadura wrote:
 > There was once an issue related to GNU make and NetBSD make calling each
 > other. NetBSD make was trying to parse MAKEFLAGS from GNU make, and it
 > didn't work that well. That can be seen in this bug report:
 > The issue has been fixed by a in-Debian patch, and this patch continued
 > to be carried on right until I decided to update Debian pmake package
 > to the recent code base, and basically switched it to bmake. What I
 > found out when updating the package, is that recently NetBSD make
 > started to understand MAKELEVEL environment, at least on GNU systems.
 > First of all, this made not easy to detect if we were called by GNU
 > make or not, so I had to revert that change, at least temporarily, to
 > avoid rewriting more things.
 > However, I'd like this issue to be fixed upstream. Any ideas on that?

Not offhand, but it should definitely be discussed.

 > P.S. I have some more non-Debian-specific patches to NetBSD make and
 > pkgsrc .mk files, and I think it'd be cool to get rid of custom
 > patches. I'd be happy to co-operate with someone who could accept them
 > into the main tree.

I can help with that (as can others).

Just one thing: both of these topics are best posted on tech-toolchain
rather than tech-userlevel. I've Cc'd and attempted to set followups
to go there.

David A. Holland

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