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make -V

make -V is extemely useful for helping to debug and develop makefiles.

By default

make -V VAR

outputs the Value of the variable which might a plain string, or it
might be composed of other variables.  

To ensure VAR is fully expanded you need

make -V '${VAR}'

and of course you can also apply modifiers and other cool stuff.

Being able to get the raw value of a variable is definitely useful,
but I'm wondering if it makes a good default.
99% of the time I end up doing:

make -V VAR
make -V '${VAR}'

So I've been wondering if it would make sense to change the ability to
get the raw value into a debug option.

make -dV VAR

gives the raw value, while

make -V VAR

gives the fully expanded one.
You then only need to resort to '${VAR}' when you actually want to
manipulate the value.

Crazy talk?

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