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Re: Incorrect demangling

> A real fix would involve changing the (de)mangling scheme and force
> usage of a special character ("$" or something) in all mangled names.
> However, this would break binary compatibility.

I'd prefer something else, because gcc lets you use $ in identifiers on
some arches (one extend.texi I have handy says that it's supported in
general, but not on "a few target machines, typically because the
target assembler does not allow them").  That's why I suggested a dot,
but I'm hardly attached to the idea.

As for binary compatability, my inclination would be to switch mangling
styles and at the same time make demangling recognize both kinds of
name, with a message for the old style.  Then, next release, remove the
old style of demangling.

I'm not sure whether I'm talking about NetSBD releases or gcc releases
here.  I could argue it either way.

And, of course, it is likely to become irrelevant to NetBSD if/when
NetBSD switches to pcc, or clang, or whatever - well, depending on
whether the replacement does mangling, and if so, how, but it's an
opportunity to take advantage of a free flag day.

> This should be solved upstream, any volunteers for opening a bugzilla
> ticket?

Heh.  Not me; it's somewhere between difficult and impossible (and
certainly unpleasant) for me to use bug-reporting systems that force
reports through a Web interface (which AIUI is true of bugzilla).

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