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Re: Building NetBSD without gcc

> However, ISTM that if 'make CC=xyzcc' ignores the setting and runs gcc
> it's a bug. Even if nominally other compilers should be integrated
> into the makefile framework, there are times when one wants/needs to
> do 'make CC=../some/other/tooldir/gcc' and that ought to behave as
> advertised.

Well, 'make CC=xyz' works, since command line variables take precedence over 
globals. However, I still don't believe that it should be explicitly overridden 
when defined globally (e.g. in the Makefile,) or at least I didn't expect this 
behavior. Wouldn't conditional setting of the variables (below) make more sense?

--- /usr/share/mk/        2012-01-09 05:50:42.000000000 -0600
+++ /usr/share/mk/    2012-01-09 05:51:16.000000000 -0600
@@ -447,11 +447,11 @@
 SUPPORTED_${_t}=${AVAILABLE_COMPILER:Nfalse:@.c.@ ${ 
!defined(UNSUPPORTED_COMPILER.${.c.}) && defined(TOOL_${_t}.${.c.}) :? ${.c.} : 
 # make bugs prevent moving this into the .for loop
-CC=            ${TOOL_CC.${ACTIVE_CC}}
-CPP=           ${TOOL_CPP.${ACTIVE_CPP}}
-CXX=           ${TOOL_CXX.${ACTIVE_CXX}}
-FC=            ${TOOL_FC.${ACTIVE_FC}}
+CC?=           ${TOOL_CC.${ACTIVE_CC}}
+CPP?=          ${TOOL_CPP.${ACTIVE_CPP}}
+CXX?=          ${TOOL_CXX.${ACTIVE_CXX}}
+FC?=           ${TOOL_FC.${ACTIVE_FC}}
 # OBJCOPY flags to create a.out binaries for old firmware
 # shared among src/distrib and ${MACHINE}/conf/Makefile.${MACHINE}.inc

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