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Re: Building NetBSD without gcc

On Mon, Jan 09, 2012 at 10:22:20AM -0600, Daniel Loffgren wrote:
 > I have been working on getting NetBSD to compile without gcc, and
 > was making good progress on 5.1, but decided to move over to
 > current. However, when setting CC in a (for example, the kernel)
 > makefile in current, it just gets ignored and gcc gets used
 > regardless. I noticed that /usr/share/mk/ now has some
 > TOOL_CC variables for various compilers, and found some mention of
 > it on the mailing lists, but how is this meant to be used?

I don't know offhand. There's also a mechanism for using external

 > Should
 > variables like CC be completely thrown out by the user? What if
 > they want to use a compiler that isn't on this TOOL_CC list?

However, ISTM that if 'make CC=xyzcc' ignores the setting and runs gcc
it's a bug. Even if nominally other compilers should be integrated
into the makefile framework, there are times when one wants/needs to
do 'make CC=../some/other/tooldir/gcc' and that ought to behave as

David A. Holland

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