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GCC 4.5 testing -- your help wanted

hi folks.

GCC 4.5 for most platforms is mostly ready.  the biggest thing missing
at this point is wider testing.  there are still several issues in some
platforms, but many platforms are ready.  i'd like to hear about results
from people building src, xsrc and pkgsrc on these platforms:

        - i386 [*1]
        - amd64 [*1]
        - powerpc
        - arm
        - armeb [*2]
        - sparc
        - sparc64
        - mipsel
        - mips64el
        - sh3el [*3]
        - sh3eb [*3], [*2]

[*1] - there are still some uncommited changes here related to eh and
       other handling:
[*2] - big endian is not tested, but little endian seems fine
[*3] - kernels don't link yet, send me email for a hack

m68k has issues, and isn't worth dealing with yet unless you're willing
to delve into GCC itself (and if so, please contact tech-toolchain --
right now, the object size is 20+% larger..), alpha and hppa both have
build issues (please build for details), vax mostly builds but requires
a couple of hacks to build (contact me for more details).

at this point, i'd like to convert x86, sparc, ppc, arm and mips to
GCC 4.5.  before doing this, i'd like to hear reports from others using
GCC 4.5 on these systems, for building the world and for building pkgsrc.

it's pretty simple.  all you have to do is set HAVE_GCC=45 when building
the system. (eg, ./ -V HAVE_GCC=45).  it's best to ensure a
cleandir before making this switch but it seems that technically only
src/tools/gcc and the destdir need to be cleaned for a build to succeed
(but this will not result in everything being rebuilt with the new

please let this list know about any success or failure you may have,
including what platform/task/etc you're trying.



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