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Re: PathDB (non GPL/GNU debugger)

2011/5/15 Thomas Klausner <>:
> On Wed, May 04, 2011 at 04:02:00AM +0700, Christopher Bergström wrote:
>> PathDB (debugger) has been ported to FreeBSD, but I thought others
>> around here may have some (mild) interest.
> I've made a simple git-based package for it and imported it to
> pkgsrc/wip/debugger-git.
> I didn't make any portability changes yet.
> It currently doesn't build for a few reasons:
> . calls hostname -f during cmake step (ignored)
> . Unconditionally includes sys/procfs.h, which doesn't exist on NetBSD.
> . Unconditionally includes thread_db.h, which doesn't exist on NetBSD.
> Perhaps this reduces the barrier for others to try fixing it :)

Cool - Thanks!

In no particular order here's what we're looking to work on..
1) Better portability
2) GDB compatibility
3) Extreme scalability
6) Scripting support (extending and embedding lua or python)

Is any of this particularly useful or interesting to others?  Anything
else people would care about?  I need to fish out the netbsd login
details I have and see if I can get one of our engineers to look at
the above issues.  The trouble spots are probably already wrapped in
#if and hopefully not too hard to resolve.

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