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Re: PathDB (non GPL/GNU debugger)

PathDB (debugger) has been ported to FreeBSD, but I thought others
around here may have some (mild) interest.

Summary:  x86/x86_64 debugger with the goal to drop-in replace gdb.
We recently finished some heavy refactoring and now focusing on
improving performance, *robustness*, scalability (clusters/multicore
systems), DWARF4, OS portability and supported targets.  PathDB has a
library based design with a cli interface doing direct function calls.
 Using C-bindings it should be fairly trivial to extend or add a new
front-end in python or other scripting language.

git clone git://

Current status (heavy development - expect bugs)
GDB test suite results as of today (A lot of timeouts and at a glance
it seems like a lot of trivial CLI stuff)
FAIL: 747
PASS: 477

Log :
Man page -
User guide (Needs to be updated) -

We'd love feedback and more testers.  (It should be fairly easy to
port to NetBSD)

Bug reports can be sent to me directly or feel free to say hi on irc

#pathscale -


ps - Sorry if this is too OT

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