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Re: compat_netbsd32

Dennis den Brok wrote:
Dennis den Brok<>  schrieb:
I tried running an i386 userland on top of an amd64 kernel (version
around 5.99.4x). It seems to work mostly (I only tried single user
mode); programs like disklabel or ifconfig, though, report errors
accessing devices. Have I missed something, or is this behaviour
expected? If so, can it be worked around?

Following up to myself.

It was suggested to me privately that I need device files made for
amd64. As far as I can tell, this means I need an amd64 mknod. It
seems thus practical and, if I knew how, quicker to me to drop a
statically linked amd64 mknod somewhere, but I'm afraid I can't
figure out how to get one using NetBSD's build system... can some-
body help me out on this?

(I'd wish it were possible to just issue something like "./
-m amd64 sbin/mknod"...)

If you need static mknod for amd64, you can e.g. drop the whole "/rescue" from the amd64 base set to "/rescue_amd64" and use it from there. The daily builds are under


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