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Re: useless /usr/tests tree for MKATF=no builds

On 11/29/10 8:03 PM, Nicolas Joly wrote:

While checking MKATF=no builds, i noticed that, in that case, we do
generate an almost useless `/usr/tests' tree.
%(&#@! the joys of conditional builds.
While previously some shell tests could be run mannually, we can't now
because the interpreter switched to /usr/bin/atf-sh (since ATF 0.9).
Other test that require c/c++ APIs are not even built ... Only remains
a few input/results files.
Which shell tests could be run without atf? (Just curious because I can't imagine how that worked!)
Unless we plan to integrate stuff that will not use ATF, i'm currently
thinking of making tests set optional.

This will require a new mtree list (etc/mtree/NetBSD.dist.tests), a
new variable `test' in distrib/sets/sets.subr to allow generating the
corresponding `tests.tgz' archive. And maybe some other adjustements
somewhere ...

Before stepping into this one, what do people think ?
Sounds reasonable to me too. (And I kinda like the idea of a separate mtree file regardless.)

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