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Re: Cross-building current sparc64 on Solaris

Kristaps Dzonsons writes:
> This is from an old version of mandoc.  See commit message:
> ----
> Revision 1.40, Sun Aug 1 15:46:18 2010 UTC (3 months, 4 weeks ago) by joerg
> Branch: MAIN
> Changes since 1.39: +19 -16 lines
> Turn the non-trivial PS_GROWBUF macro into a function. Don't use MAX, it
> doesn't exist in the default namespace on Solaris.
> ----

Hmmm... that is interesting.  I have:

/*      $Vendor-Id: term_ps.c,v 1.39 2010/07/25 22:15:07 kristaps Exp $ */

Trying a "cvs log term_ps.c", I get: Connection refused
cvs [log aborted]: end of file from server (consult above messages if any)

Going there via ftp, it seems that they have nothing newer than 1.39.
Checking at both and confirms this.

Does this mean that NetBSD does not have anything newer, or am I
thoroughly confused? 8-P

Thanks -- Volker
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