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Re: MK variables and removal of old files

Mr. Troxel and Mr. Barrett thank you both for replying.

> I would use etcmanage from pkgsrc/sysutils/etcmanage to deal with this.
> Are you concerned about binaries in e.g. /usr/bin, or just things in /etc?

ÎÏÎÏ ÎÎÏÎÏÏÎ 30 ÎÎÏÎÎÎÏ 2010 19:52:09 Alan Barrett ÎÏÎÏÎÏÎ:
> Assuming that you mean "files marked as obsolete" when you say "old
> files", then I think that "postinstall fix obsolete" should do the right
> thing, even if you used custom MK* variables.  This will work best if
> you use the same MK* settings every time.

> On the other hand, if you build and install with different combinations
> of custom MK* variabels every time, then I don't know a recommended way
> of deleting files that are excluded from your current build due to MK*
> variables, but that are not marked as obsolete.

I was aware of the obsolete files. As you correctly said i am refering to
the files that are excluded from the build due to the MK variables.

for example for MKGDB=no the files are usr/bin/{gdb,gdbtui},
usr/share/man/{cat1/gdb.0, gdb.html, man1/gdb.1} (in the comp set) and
usr/share/info/{,,} (in the man set)

Thank you again for replying.

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