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Re: make -j max_jobs

On Thu, Apr 22, 2010 at 11:55:58AM -0700, Simon J. Gerraty wrote:
 > > >                  case 'B':
 > > >                          compatMake = TRUE;
 > > >                          Var_Append(MAKEFLAGS, "-B", VAR_GLOBAL);
 > > > +                        Var_Set(MAKE_MODE, "compat", VAR_GLOBAL, 0);
 > > >                          break;
 > >
 > > Is this right? Aren't we currently in compat mode *unless* -j is used?
 > Yes, but the -B option is there to force compat mode (even if -j is also
 > present).  Eg.  make -j1 -B will run in compat mode.

Right. Shouldn't, therefore, MAKE_MODE be set to compat elsewhere
(e.g. by default) and cleared in -j mode?

There are a bunch of other places compatMake is set to TRUE and none
of the rest of them adjust MAKE_MODE, which seems like a bug. All that
should probably be centralized.

 > >(as I've said elsewhere I don't think such linkage is a good idea, but
 > >that's a different discussion)
 > More specifically (I think) you were making the point that the 
 > single shell mode and the dependency evaluation model should be
 > decoupled.


David A. Holland

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