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Re: make -j max_jobs

On Thu, 22 Apr 2010 18:28:56 +0000, David Holland writes:
> >             case 'B':
> >                     compatMake = TRUE;
> >                     Var_Append(MAKEFLAGS, "-B", VAR_GLOBAL);
> > +                   Var_Set(MAKE_MODE, "compat", VAR_GLOBAL, 0);
> >                     break;
>Is this right? Aren't we currently in compat mode *unless* -j is used?

Yes, but the -B option is there to force compat mode (even if -j is also
present).  Eg.  make -j1 -B will run in compat mode.
Setting .MAKE.MODE here is both accurate and handy since I was finding
every where I was using -B, I was also having to add .MAKE.MODE=compat to the
compand line.

I could do (in

.if ${.MAKEFLAGS:M-B} == ""
.MAKE.MODE ?= meta

but the above patch is more intuitive.

>(as I've said elsewhere I don't think such linkage is a good idea, but
>that's a different discussion)

More specifically (I think) you were making the point that the 
single shell mode and the dependency evaluation model should be


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