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Re: make: don't use bogus $TMPDIR

On Thu, Apr 22, 2010 at 10:50:36AM -0700, Simon J. Gerraty wrote:
 >> Looks reasonable, except that if it were me I'd centralize the code
 >> for setting up a temporary file, and make the tmpdir variable private
 >> there.
 > The other place I use tmpDir is in the meta mode stuff - which I'll be
 > following up on in due course.
 > I could make the change you suggest easily enough.

It seems worthwhile, particularly since temporary file construction is
one of those things that needs to be audited now and then.

 > >You also included the previous patch in this one :-p
 > Well I didn't want to commit it without giving folk a chance to comment
 > ;-)

Clearly you need more trees! Like I do! So I lose track of all of them! :-/

David A. Holland

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