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Re: HAVE_PCC=yes

On Fri, 22 Jan 2010, David Holland wrote:

>  > Any suggestions for a better method?
> The "normal" way is
>       (cd cc && ${MAKE} install)
>       (cd cpp && ${MAKE} install)
>       (cd ccom && ${MAKE} install)

Ah yes, that is probably better thanks.. I committed the change so that
HAVE_PCC=yes will install the pcc tools now

> Arguably this behavior of make is a bug.

Perhaps - there is the -B flag which attempts to mitigate that though. I
guess it doesn't come up that often otherwise the build wrapper would have
a way to pass it through. I forget where I saw it now but there was a
comment that <something> was probably easier to fix in the upstream
makefile, and that likely applies here..


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