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I was trying to tools with HAVE_PCC=yes but find that the
following construct in external/bsd/pcc/dist/pcc/cc/ causes the
installation to fail with no such directory (for cpp)

        cd cc && ${MAKE} install
        cd cpp && ${MAKE} install
        cd ccom && ${MAKE} install

I traced this to (I think) the tools framework using the -j flag with
nbmake which causes all the commands to be executed in the same shell,
rather than starting a new context for each command.

It is normally possible to add -B to the make flags which prevents this
happening, but tools/Makefile.gnuwrap is blocking MAKE_ARGS being passed
to the subdirs and I can't find a way to get it through. I fixed it here
by changing the to read

        cd cc && ${MAKE} install && cd ..
        cd cpp && ${MAKE} install && cd ..
        cd ccom && ${MAKE} install && cd ..

which shouldn't hurt in the case where they are executed separately, but
will help if they are lumped together as in this case..

Ultimately, pcc should probably use files to generate the rather than the manually built versions they are using now but
in the meantime thats the only way I can get it to build as part of

Any suggestions for a better method?


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