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Re: HAVE_PCC=yes

> Given that one of the other things that's changed since then is that
> the shell has become standardized, we could probably teach make to
> examine the commands more carefully (it already examines them some)
> and fork a new shell for any line that contains state-altering shell
> builtins.

Which, of course, breaks the "use the shell of your choice" paradigm
even further, since make will break even more severely if your shell's
semantics aren't exactly the One True Approved Shell's.  (Odd, for a
time when there are even more choices of shell appearing.)

> I have the vague impression from reading old pmake docs that someone
> intended it to be e.g. possible to use it with csh instead of sh...

Well, sure.  The shell is just another program, right?  So you can use
some other one if you prefer, right?

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