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Cross build on Cygwin-1.7.1

> I'm just testing build on Cygwin 1.7.1 (and PR toolchain/41435).

I've posted a patch for PR toolchain/41435
( tools from netbsd-4 fails on cygwin-1.7.0):

Here is a dumb updated memo for cross build on Cygwin-1.7.1:


0. See Cygwin User's Guide first:

1. Open
 Click "Install or update now!"
 and start installer

2. Choose A Donwload Source:
 Select "Install from Internet" and "next"

3. Select Root Install Directory:
  "Root Directory"         -> Specify directory for Cygwin ("c:\cygwin" etc.)
  "Install for"            -> Select "All users" or "Just Me" as you like
  "Default Text File Type" -> Select "Unix / binary(RECOMMENDED)" as noted

4. Select Local Package Directory:
 Specify directory you choose

5. Slect Your Internet Connection:
 Select per your environment

6. Choose A Donwload Site:
 Use an appropriate mirror

7. Select Packages:
 Click "view" button if you want to browse all packages.

 - Optional packages required for build:
   gcc-core             (3.4.4 is enough)
   gcc-mingw-core       (automatically selected with gcc-core)
   gcc-mingw-g++        (automatically selected with g++-core)
   mingw-runtime        (automatically selected with gcc-core)

   diffutils    (for cmp(1), required by configure scripts in src/tools)
   util-linux   (for getopt(1), required by genasssym(1))

 More packages the above packages depend on will be selected automatically.

 - Possible useful packages:
  Devel:  cvs
  Editor: vim
  Net:    openssh        (for anoncvs)
  Shell:  tcsh
  Utils:  patch

8. Progress
 It will take a few minutes

9. Create Icons
 Check buttons as you like

10. Start Cygwin
 Click "Cygwin" icon and get Cygwin's command window

 Note I'm using "Cyglaunch" terminal in TeraTerm:

11. Fetch NetBSD sources
 See NetBSD guide for details:
 - Note you can see Windows' drives under /cygdrive/[drive letter]/
   under Cygwin environment
 - In Windows environment, Cygwin's root directory appears
   at the specified directory for Cygwin during installtion at 3

12. Extract sources and run
 See NetBSD guide for details:

 You need to specify -m and -U options on Cygwin (no superuser):

 $ sh -m i386 -U release

 Note netbsd-5 require the above heimdal fixes,
 and -current also requires libelf fixes in the previous thread.

Izumi Tsutsui

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