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Re: Peculiar build failure

>    Making all in doc
>    rm: /usr/src.401/tools/gmake/../../gnu/dist/gmake/doc/ 
> Permission denied
>    rm: /usr/src.401/tools/gmake/../../gnu/dist/gmake/doc/ 
> Permission denied

> this looks like a timestamp issue we've not seen yet.

Doh!  Of course.  Touch done, test build now in progress.

If it would help, I could fairly easily put together an "incremental
touch" tool, that could generate mtimes in sequence so that a pipeline

find /usr/src -type f -print | shuffle -f - | $NEW_TOOL

could be used to randomize mtime orders; doing something like that
(preferably saving the order) on the nightly builds would probably
smoke out most such issues fairly quickly.  Maybe it would best be done
as an option to touch(1)...two options, actually: one to take pathnames
from stdin and the other to subtract (or maybe add, but accepting
signed values) some interval to the timestamp for each file touched.

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