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re: Peculiar build failure

   dependall ===> tools/gmake
   ...lots of configure messages... messages for glob/...
   rm -f libglob.a
   ar cru libglob.a glob.o fnmatch.o 
   ranlib libglob.a
   Making all in config
   Making all in po
   Making all in doc
   rm: /usr/src.401/tools/gmake/../../gnu/dist/gmake/doc/ Permission 
   rm: /usr/src.401/tools/gmake/../../gnu/dist/gmake/doc/ 
Permission denied
   rm: /usr/src.401/tools/gmake/../../gnu/dist/gmake/doc/ 
Permission denied
   [ ... ]

this looks like a timestamp issue we've not seen yet.

try touching those files in the src tree from a user that does have
perms.  if that makes the problem go away, we probably need to add
a "NetBSD_disabled" rule, like several other tools/ builds use.


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