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Re: Toward binpatch (was Re: multiple DESTDIRs)

> You said "show me examples" so I wrote examples (use cases).

Sorry, you only say how to use it and
I can't see how you can archive your purpose.

Once we get target for "reproducible binary",
we can simply create binary patches without toolchain support:
(1)prepare two sets of target source tree
(2)build "reproducible binary" sets on both tree
(3)check diffs between both DESTDIRs

All toolchain infrastructures like DESTDIR,,
share/mk, and src/distrib etc. belong each source tree.
How can they be used on the above procedure to create
binary patches *across* sets of source tree?

i.e. isn't "reproducible build" enough for your purpose?

Anyway, I guess binary patches will be required/provided
per commands or kernels for security/critical fixes,
so I'm not sure if it's so worth to prepare generic structures
across whole source tree unless we'll provide binary patches
for base.tgz etc.
Izumi Tsutsui

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