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Re: syspkgs and kernel

Hubert Feyrer wrote:
Personally, I'd prefer to not drop an old kernel (and modules) until i know the new one works. And maybe not even then.

This may be interesting as our pkg_* tools do not (AFAIK) support installing two versions of the same package.

We can have 2 packages: netbsd-package and onetbsd-package, with netbsd-p installing kernel to /netbsd and onetbsd-p installing (possibly the same) kernel to /onetbsd. Both packages will depend on the same modules package.

This will allow to have 2 kernels of different version to be installed simultaneously - one as netbsd-package and the other as onetbsd-package.

(This could be further extended with netbsd.old-package. (idea from boot(8) - boot order))


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